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Basement flooring designed creatively adds interest in the entire space. Cement is the most popular construction material when it comes to designing a basement. In fact, concrete offers the advantage of being both highly durable and functional. Not only this, an overlay can be applied and are sturdy, do not wear off and continue to give you returns for a long time. While many homeowners neglect basements and do not focus much on the flooring side there, it will surely help to have a concrete floor for a basement. At Pink’s Concrete Design, we are experts at using resurfacing products on any basement floor, and can help raise the value of your property by installing a beautifully designed basement floor that will appeal to potential buyers.


Benefits of Concrete Basement Floor Paint

Because the possibilities of basement floor designs are endless, the colors, dyes or stains can be selected to match any design pattern or home style. Having overlay for a basement floor will offer you a plethora of benefits.


  • Concrete floors are aesthetically pleasing and can be designed in a spectrum of colors that enhance their beauty and make them more attractive.
  • Basement floor surfaces built of concrete are highly energy efficient as these limit the amount of heat escaping from your home.
  • Finished basements with an attractive and durable cement floor expand your living space considerably. The added living space makes your property look bigger and even more attractive to potential buyers. Research reveals that homes with a well-built basement floor will sell at a higher price so much so that the cost of finishing a basement can repay you by as much as 115%.
  • Moisture mitigation offers the best basement floor design alternative in homes where there is too much moisture in the basement during the rainy months. However, with concrete being naturally porous, it is crucial to protect your investment with epoxy floor coatings. Pink’s Concrete Design is an expert at concrete floor coating with epoxy to help protect the floor from everyday wear and tear, moisture, and heat. Not only this, epoxy helps improve the overall appearance of the space and makes it easier to clean and maintain a basement floor. They are easy to paint to add decorative colors, patterns, finishes, and texture and give your basement floor a visual impact.



Finish Your Basement with Colored Concrete Polishing

Are you looking to finish your basement with a durable material? Rely on Pink’s Concrete Design to add color and dimension to your basement and add value to your Fairfield County Home. Our experienced team of concrete basement floor installers has successfully completed hundreds of jobs dealing with basements in the local region, including Westport, Stamford, Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, Rowayton, among other nearby areas.