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Floor Coloring

Floor coloring, if done right, turns a boring, dull floor into a unique piece of art. Pink’s Concrete Design boasts a professional team of artisans who are skilled in different aspects of cement flooring design. Decorative concrete floor coloring offers tremendous design versatility, and when paired with distinct colors, they can transform a plain room to a spectacular setting. We offer a broad palette of colors for your surface design needs that are compatible with old and new concreteto complement the rest of your theme.

Floor Coloring Design Options

Floors have endless design options. Whether you want a bright color or a design that involves vinyl flakes or magnificent swirls, or integration of your company logo, our experts are experienced to customize your floor coloring needs. Our decades of floor coloring experience helps ussimulate the look of tile, pavers, stone, and brick floors and add a distinct appeal to the surface, from sensuous earth tones to natural stone effects to marbled stone finish to sparkling vibrant hues. Concrete floors are versatile enough to be stained or colored to match any tone, with finishes that resemble marble, wood, slate, or tile and create an inviting look and increase the value of your property.

In addition, the look of highly durable concrete floors can be enhanced with attractive medallions, stenciled borders, and other graphics, creating one-of-a-kind look that stands apart from others. At Pink’s Concrete Design, floor coloring artists treat your subsrtate as an empty canvas, with which we can create a masterpiece that will make your floor the talk of the town. Our personalized concrete floor coloring options are designed to seamlessly integrate your logo or monogram into the floor surface to make your floor stand out from the rest.

Sparkle With Colored Cement Floor Coloring

Cement floor coloring is durable, attractive, easy to maintain and clean, energy efficient, slip and moisture resistant, functional and requires low maintenance while offeringan array of color options to mimic any space. Paired with other concrete finishing techniques, including sandblasting and broom finishing, colored concrete can create a striking effect and transform plain concrete into a masterpiece.

Pink’s Concrete Design has earned a reputation for transforming the looks of boring, gray concrete into something extraordinary for a number of clients. With hundreds of successfully complete floor coloring projects, we have a huge customer base in Westport, Stamford, New Canaan, Darien, Rowayton, Fairfield, Weston, and surrounding areas.