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Decorative Overlay floor coatings, which was introduced as a restoration material for concrete surfaces, has become standard as a commercial floor coating solution that gives new life to blemished concrete surfaces. Pink’s Concrete Design prides itself on engineering a range of long-term concrete overlay systems that help transform worn-out concrete into a fresh canvas. Whether you are looking to add a consistent uniform color to a surface or a natural stone pattern or a contemporary concrete stain look, our experts are equipped with cutting-edge tools to help you achieve any imagined decorative concrete finish.

Concrete Overlay Floor Options

Overlay is a popular option for beautifying interior and exterior concrete floors. When you add an overlay, you can

  • make a concrete floor look fresh and attractive
  • resurface concrete
  • give concrete a face lift
  • repair small imperfections
  • remove surface discoloration
  • add a safe yet stunning coating to your floor

Our self leveling overlay toppings are resistant to damage from UV, salt, petrochemicals, severe weather conditions, environmental factors, and traffic wearing, and can also be applied at 1/4 inch thin, without the risk of delamination or product failure.The experts at Pink’s Concrete Design make sure the overlay is applied properly for a slip-resistant finish, which is perfect for floors that have to withstand heavy traffic. The overlay makes the floor ready for sealing to protect against staining and also provide excellent bonding to concrete surfaces.
Overlay: Advantages
A cement overlay can resurface your old, cracked, ugly, or pitted floor, patio, or pool deck with different colors, patterns, and designs, giving it a face lift and adding glamour to the rest of the setting.With a high compressive strength, overlay concrete floor is a perfect solution for banged up floors that are structurally sound, offering them beauty, durability, and longevity while also enhancing slip and stain resistance. By resurfacing the floor with overlay, we can give the concrete a new canvas, which can be stamped, stained, sprayed, polished, trowel stenciled, or decorated for better appearance and a super smooth finish. Self-leveling overlays offer the perfect alternative to fix an unleveled floor. The best thing about self-levers is that they dry up quickly and are ready for use within a couple of hours. Unlike other overlays, underlayments are used as a thin topping to smooth, level, or fix imperfections in concrete surfaces before other substrate coverings, including vinyl, carpet or tile, are installed.

Pink’s Concrete Design Advantage

Whether you are looking to permanently cover up surface discolorations and imperfections in your existing concrete surface or you wish to transform simple cement concrete from drab to fab with our unique concrete art designs, Pink’s Concrete Design can help you with an amazing range of decorative skim coat options and finishes. With expertise in giving worn, drab concrete a fresh new look, we have been happily serving clients in and around Fairfield County. We have a huge client base in Greenwich, Westport, Darien, New Canaan, Stamford, Norwalk, among other nearby areas.